Do you enjoy Al fresco dining? How about the option to enjoy it all year round...

With our popular bespoke outdoor rooms & kitchens you can extend your living space to the great outdoors. Our hand built wooden frames can incorporate your favourite accessories such as designer lighting, pizza ovens, music systems, heating and televisions or hot tubs. 

Because each wooden framed building is unique you can choose a style to suit you and your home; from traditional oak frames to modern minimalist cedar we can help you to create a space that is ideal for entertaining 12 months of the year.

Have a look at some of these ideas and inspirations...

Design & Build

We can offer a full design and build service including planning advice, equipment, lighting and of course ensuring your project seamlessly fits into your garden space. Using our specialist 3D design service you can see your project develop and then take a look around before you build.


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